Cosmos Discovery is the world’s largest touring Exhibition about space exploration.

The Exhibition allows us to relive the stories of true heroes who have crossed the border into outer space.

Enter the space shuttle cockpit and discover the secrets of a space station. Have fun and enjoy a unique learning experience for the whole family.

The Cosmos Discovery Exhibition occupies an area of 2500 m2 and will feature hundreds of items that map the development of manned spaceflights from the early days to current missions and those planned for the near future.

It is divided into multiple galleries that present over 200 original artefacts from NASA and other agencies, from US and USSR space missions, realistic rocket and capsule models, orbital stations step-by-step models, and unique authentic documents.

The Soviet satellite Sputnik, the Soviet space dog Laika, the capsule of the American chimpanzee Enos, the story of Yuri Gagarin — the first human in space — and a full-size model of the American Mercury spacecraft open the exhibition. The other galleries feature the Apollo programme, including the lunar rover used by the American crews to explore the Moon, as well as the Soviet lunar rover Lunokhod.

Space suits and other equipment, from historical models to the latest ones, a giant model of the Saturn V rocket and the three basic modules of the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft are also on display. Visitors can also see asteroids with tens of millions of years.


A small sample of the exhibits


The Cosmos Discovery world astronautics exhibition enables students to relive the real stories of heroes,
take a seat in the Space Shuttle cockpit and walk through a space station.

The Cosmos Discovery exhibition maps the development of manned space missions from its early days to the present.

It includes more than 200 original artefacts from NASA and other agencies, from the US and USSR, realistic rocket models and spaceplanes, step-by-step representations of authentic orbital stations and unique authentic documents.

The exhibition gives you the opportunity to see the Soviet satellite Sputnik, the Soviet space dog Laika, and the story of Yuri Gagarin - the first human in space - and a full-size model of the American Mercury spacecraft. It also features the American Apollo and the Soviet Lunokhod programmes. It includes a large Saturn V rocket model and the original Russian space pod Soyuz. In addition, a wide range of space suits will also be on display.

Spaceship and space station parts, as well as the Houston Mission control centre, are the exhibition’s main attractions.

All items at the exhibition are displayed with descriptions.

Discounts are available for student groups accompanied by teachers and the accompanying teacher can visit the exhibition for free.


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Seniors + 6514€
Children 5-1212€
Children < 4Grátis
Family Pack40€
Audio Guides (in English and Portuguese)3€
Group Adult + 1514€
Group Student + 1510€
Seniors + 6516€

All prices shown include VAT at the current rate.

— Age-related discounts require the presentation of an ID Card.
— The student discount requires the presentation of a Student Card.
— Discounts cannot be applied in conjunction with each other.
— The Family Pack allows the admission of 2 parents and all their children up to 12 years of age.
— Group and school visits require prior booking.
— Tickets + Train refers to the Lines of Cascais, Azambuja, Sado and Sintra.
— CP offers a 30% discount on long-distance train travel for exhibition ticket holders.


1How long does it take to see the entire exhibition?
The estimated time of the visit is 1 hour and a half.
2Are we allowed to take photos or make videos during the exhibition?
Yes, but only without flash and for your own use.
3How many people are included in a family ticket?
Family admission grants entry to 2 parents and all their children up to 12 years of age.
4Is there a souvenir shop at the exhibition?
Yes. In our gift shop, you can choose from a wide variety of souvenirs.
5Can baby strollers be taken into the exhibition?
No, but we have baby carrier slings available.
6Can I take my pet to the exhibition with me (dog, cat and other animals)?
No. Animals are not allowed.
7Does the exhibition feature Audio Guides?
Yes, the visitor can purchase Audio Guides - a set of headphones that allows you to listen to detailed comments about the exhibition. Available in English and Portuguese.
8What else can't I bring to the exhibition?
Entering with backpacks and/or bulky bags, umbrellas, helmets, food and/or beverages, weapons or objects that are considered dangerous is not allowed. We provide a cloakroom service, where you can keep your belongings.



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